Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity

Chairman of the Board

On behalf of the over five hundred members of the Lambda-Upsilon Chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity, welcome to our home on the World Wide Web.

For over forty years, Tau Kappa Epsilon has provided qualified young men at Georgia Southern with the opportunity for a life-long fraternal experience. Our commitment to a quality collegiate experience is unmatched on campus. But we don't stop there. Membership in Tau Kappa Epsilon doesn't end when you graduate. Our alumni continue to be engaged and involved in a wide-variety of activities and events following graduation. This focus on continued involvement allows Tau Kappa Epsilon to provide an unparalled level of support to our collegiate membership.

The Founders of Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity desired an organization different from those represented by the existing fraternities in 1899. Their desire was to establish a fraternity in which the primary requisites for membership would be the personal worth and character of the individual rather than the wealth he possessed, the honors or titles he could display, or the rank he maintained on the social ladder. Our Founders had little regard for many of the common characteristics of fraternities at that time, including their usual snobbery and disdain for persons outside of a fraternity.

Today, Tau Kappa Epsilon continues to "redefine fraternity" in the tradition established by our founding members. We seek men of character who are interested in establishing meaningful friendships for a lifetime. We seek men who appreciate the value of a college education. We seek men who aren't afraid afraid to display personal effort to earn the things that matter most in life. We're interested in men who want to have a great time with a group of caring and committed brothers.

As Georgia Southern's first collegiate social fraternity, we're committed to continuing our tradition of excellence for generations to come. We encourage you to explore membership in our "fraternity for life" and to find out how the Tau Kappa Epsilon experience can have a transformative impact on you, like it has for me, and for hundreds of thousands of other TKE members around the world.

I love the Fraternity!


Lambda-Upsilon Chapter of TKE, Inc.

Chairman of the Board